This Healthier Instant Pot Homemade Hamburger Helper is a delicious one-pot spin off on one of your favourite childhood meals.

Step 1 Add olive oil and ground beef to bottom of Instant Pot and break up meat with a slotted spoon.

Step 2  Add in remaining ingredients in order that they are listed in the recipe link below except for red pepper, cheese and parsley, adding in pasta last.

Step 3  Cook on high pressure for 3 minutes (Instant Pot will take about 15 minutes to preheat then cook the 3 minutes).

Step 4 Do a quick release of the pressure, then stir in red pepper, cheese and parsley.

Step 5 Let sit for 3-5 minutes for red pepper to steam, then serve and enjoy!

Storing and Reheating For leftover hamburger helper, store it in an airtight container in the refrigerator. Once stored, it will last in the fridge for up to five days, making it a great meal prep recipe. To reheat, take a portion from the fridge and sprinkle some water overtop and then microwave for 2-3 minutes.

Freezing this Recipe To freeze the leftover hamburger helper, divide the leftover food into individual-sized or family-sized portions. Separate it into portions to make for easier reheating. Place the portion into airtight freezer-safe containers or in freezer bags. Once in the freezer, the hamburger helper will keep in the freezer for up to three months. When ready to reheat, place the frozen hamburger helper into the refrigerator to thaw overnight. Reheat the hamburger helper in the microwave for 1-2 minutes or in a large saucepan, stirring often.