These Juicing Recipes are the perfect way to get started with making cold press juices. They are filled with nutrients & super easy to make!

Step 1 Assemble all fruits and vegetables listed under the desired heading (eg add all ingredients under the green juice heading if you'd like to make the green juice recipe). Wash produce well to remove any soil, trimming the ends/leaves off of beets and carrots, and removing any apple stems.

Step 2  Add a pitcher or container under juicer spout. With the motor running, place produce bit by bit into the feed chute of the juicer, using the food pusher to gently and slowly guide the produce down. The slower you go, the more juice you will get.

Step 3 As fruit and veggies are processed, juice will flow into the pitcher, and the separated pulp will accumulate in the pulp container. If you'd like to make more than one juice, rinse the feed chute, filter bowl/basket and dispose of juice pulp before starting again with another juice combo.

Storing Juice Juice will keep up to 3 days in a sealed container in the fridge.

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