The oven does all the work for you with these Easy Sheet Pan Dinners. These healthy dinner ideas are a great way to clean out your fridge!

Benefits of Sheet Pan Dinners Most of these easy, healthy dinner recipes only take a few minutes of prep time. All you have to do is place your ingredients on the sheet pan, and then the oven does all the work. And since everything cooks together on one pan, the cleanup is even easier!

Sheet Pan Recipes with Beef & Pork These sheet pan dinners range from steak to sausage to pork tenderloin and stir fry beef – they are so versatile and a great way to use up those cuts of meat that you would otherwise use for a roast. And unlike a roast dinner, these recipes only take 30 minutes in the oven!

Vegetarian and Seafood Sheet Pan Recipes You'll find my fave seafood and vegetarian recipes that can be cooked on a sheet pan. You can cook all kinds of fish including salmon on a sheet pan, as well as shellfish like shrimp. I also love to do vegetarian sheet pan dinners with crispy chickpeas and root vegetables!

Cooking Chicken on a Sheet Pan If you're looking to cook chicken alone on a sheet pan instead of adding all the veggies and sauce altogether at once, I've got a super handy guide on how to make the BEST baked chicken breast – and I've even included 6 marinades and spice rub ideas!

Check out a couple of our favorite sheet pan recipes below!