This is the BEST Skinny Watermelon Margarita recipe on the internet, made with just three simple ingredients: tequila, watermelon and limes!

Step 1 Chop up half a watermelon and add the pieces to a blender. Juice 7 of the limes, reserving 3 for the rimmer and garnish, then add to blender. Blend to combine.

Step 2  Meanwhile, chop watermelon slices and slice limes for garnish and set aside.

Step 3 Strain the mixture through a fine mesh sieve to remove as much pulp as possible. Pour into a pitcher, then stir in water.

Step 4 Juice the remaining lime, then add juice to a plate. Mix crushed sea salt flakes and chili powder in a bowl to combine, then add to another plate.

Step 5 Dip 8 glasses one at a time in the lime juice, then in the plate of salt mixture to make your rimmer.

Step 6 Add ice to the 8 rimmed glasses, then add 1 oz of tequila to each glass. Divide the margarita mixture among glasses evenly. Serve and enjoy!

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