Are you struggling to meal prep for yourself? Here are all my tips and tricks for easily meal prepping for one while reducing food waste!

I put together some of my top tips and tricks when it comes to shopping and cooking for one so you can reduce food waste and not have to eat the same thing several days in a row!

Cut all recipes in half The first thing you need to do is cut the recipe in half. Go through each ingredient and write or type out what half of it would be – so if the original recipe calls for one bell pepper, you’d only need half a bell pepper.

Buy only half the ingredients You don’t want to buy a bunch of food you don’t need and won’t eat – that’s a waste of food and money. Buy half the ingredients you’d need for the normal recipe.

Use recipes with overlapping ingredients When you’re coming up with your meal plan for the week, pick recipes that have overlapping ingredients so you can cut down on food waste.

Traditional meal prep You'll just pick a day to cook everything all in one go then eat your leftovers throughout the week.

Ingredient prep While some people prefer to do traditional meal prep, I prefer to ingredient prep ahead of time and cook my meals fresh.

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