Meal prep doesn't need to take an entire weekend. Learn how to food prep in just 1 hour with this time-saving method, it's a game changer!

Benefits of Food Prep When you take the time to prep your ingredients ahead for the week, you can cook dinner in as little as 15 minutes each night because it's just a matter of pulling out your prepped ingredients and then adding them to your skillet, pot, sheet pan, etc.

Why Should You Food Prep? The best part of food prep is that you are essentially dividing your tasks up to make them more manageable and sustainable. Food prep is the best of both worlds because you don't need to take up an entire afternoon of your weekend cooking food ahead of time and making a huge mess, and you also don't need to spend an hour cooking each night.

What Are the Best Foods to Meal Prep? - Proteins - Grains  - Vegetables - Sauces, Dressings, Dips - Spice Blends  - Grating Cheeses

Food Prep Checklist Follow the checklist below to prep your ingredients for 5 meals that you will eat during the week from Monday to Friday. You'll see me prep everything in order in my Youtube video tutorial, and you can find the recipes in your free meal plan PDF download. Find more details below!