These 5 Easy Rice Recipes can be made in a rice cooker with few ingredients – try fried, cilantro lime, tomato basil, mushroom or coconut.

 Coconut Rice Don't let the pictures fool you, this recipe may look like regular white rice but it's actually a delicious coconut rice! By using coconut milk instead of water in the rice cooker, you infuse your rice of choice with the tropical and creamy taste of coconut.

Mushroom Rice Get the flavours you love from mushroom risotto and long grain wild rice in this rice cooker recipe! This rice dish is ultra comforting and has a delicious creamy texture. Packed with sauteed mushrooms and fresh parsley, this recipe is sure to please! It's the perfect side dish to any tougher meat like turkey or pork.

Shrimp Fried Rice  Fried rice is a classic dish! I'm convinced that everyone loves some fried rice so I'm pretty sure this one is going to be the fan favourite. Make this delicious rice dish with day old leftover rice to ensure the best results. When using fresh rice, the texture may vary.

Cilantro Lime Rice This cilantro lime rice is the perfect copycat to the popular Chipotle bowl base. Packed with the energizing taste of lime and minty taste of cilantro, this rice is the base of choice for your Tex Mex inspired dishes. The flavours in this rice are so fresh, you'll definitely be reaching for seconds!

Add Flavor to Cooked Rice Adding flavour to cooked rice is easier than you think! Regardless of the rice recipe that you choose, the steps to follow are the same! Grab the steps and all of our rice recipes at the link below!

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