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Tips to Making a Rocking DIY Charcuterie Board

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DIY Charcuterie Board

As Thanksgiving approaches, we are headed right into shorter days, cooler cozy weather, the holiday season and more. Cooking on a Friday or Saturday night is probably the last thing you want to do. Don’t order takeout (okay, maybe make yourself some takeout…). Charcuterie boards to the rescue! Want to know some tips & tricks to putting one together? We’ve got you covered!

Anything goes: You heard that right! Be creative, and don’t be afraid to add what you think may be unconventional items

Go fancy: Truffle honey anybody?

Don’t overthink it: Sure you could splurge on a $13 jar of truffle honey, or have a $20 piece of cheese up for grabs,(well, we don’t recommend that you cheap out on cheese…) but the whole point of a charcuterie board is going back to the basics of finger foods. Have a strongly flavoured cheese like Applewood smoked cheddar, alongside a more neutral cheese like brie. Offer two different types of meat, like salami and prosciutto. Have a sweet element alongside a more savoury one, like grapes and olives.

Don’t be afraid to use up leftovers: Did you buy a big thing of brie for a dinner party last weekend that you need to use up? Don’t be afraid to throw hunks of cheese out there. Your charcuterie board is not supposed to be neat and tidy. It’s for bits and nibbles here and there!

It doesn’t just have to have meat: Fish options like smoked salmon can cater to pescatarians, and veggies are also welcome on a charcuterie board!

Don’t just have a variety of meats & cheese: Alcohol is also a must with a charcuterie board, and here we are emphasizing quality over quantity. Have a few wine and beer pairings with each food item.

Nothing should take a long time to make: To offset the cost of putting together a charcuterie board, the upside is that putting one together takes basically no time at all. If you’re having to cook and prepare all kinds of crazy crap for your board, you’re doing it wrong!

Pick the right board: PC Home has a great collection of cheese boards on the market. They sent us one a few weeks ago as a small gift, and we think it’s the perfect charcuterie platter. You can use just about anything, but one of the biggest parts of putting together a charcuterie board is having the perfect wood base.

DIY Charcuterie Board

Want to know what we put on our DIY Charcuterie Board? Here’s some of what we included:

  • Beretta Farms All-beef salami
  • Turkey pepperettes
  • Applewood smoked cheddar
  • Brie
  • Boccacini cheese
  • Marinated green olives
  • Red pepper jelly
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Fresh basil
  •  Ace bakery rosemary crisps
  • President’s Choice artisan black pepper & cranberry crisps
  • Green grapes

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