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Super Easy Breakfast Tacos

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These Super Easy Breakfast Tacos are going to become your next favourite way to start the day – load em up with tons of veggies and grab the recipe from my friends at Half Your Plate

Super Easy Breakfast Tacos

OMG these breakfast tacos. Yaaassssss. I mean, is there seriously any other way to eat breakfast anymore? Because I’m just not satisfied with my regular old bowl of yogurt and granola anymore…

When my friends over at Half Your Plate got in touch with me about doing some recipe development for their website, I was beyond excited because I just love ALL THE VEGGIES. Seriously, ever since I was a kid I never had trouble filling my plate with fruits and vegetables. Forget filling “half your plate”, more like filling up my WHOLE plate.

But I get it, getting your daily recommended amount of produce can be really difficult, especially if you’re less enthused about leafy greens than I am. My trick to enjoying veggies is to get creative, like with these Easy Breakfast Tacos. But alas, I can’t give you the whole recipe here my friends. You’re going to have to head on over to Half Your Plate for that!

Super Easy Breakfast Tacos
SERIOUSLY THOUGH. What are you waiting for?! Grab the recipe!

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