My Go-To Tips to Living & Eating Well!

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My Go-To Tips to Living & Eating Well!

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I’m constantly on-the-go when it comes to work. One minute it’s a photoshoot I have to do, the next it’s a whole afternoon of writing, social media strategy and emailing with clients. Don’t get me wrong, I secretly love being a workaholic. I couldn’t imagine my life being anything but busy. But after a long day (which, as a food blogger, always involves lots and lots of cooking and dishwashing!), I really just want to take some time out for myself.

You know, pour a glass of wine, kick back and dive into one of my favourite shows. Some nights, I even take a luxurious, hour-long hot bath to sit and reflect on my days’ work and all the goals I have for the future. Other nights, it means going to the gym and unplugging and not getting home until late.

At that point, I don’t even want to think about what I’ve got to cook for dinner, but I still want something that tastes delicious, can be made at home and comes together quickly. Something that is easy enough to pair with whatever kind of night I have planned, but also feels indulgent and gives me back some me time. Even though I’m super busy, it’s important for me to eat well, make time for myself and have intimate moments at home.

My Go-To Tips to Living & Eating Well!

Here are some of my tips to eating and living well, while maintaining my busy lifestyle:

  • Make time for lots of activity, whether it’s the gym or a group class; this is seriously imperative for my mental health and well-being
  • Take the opportunity to treat yourself every once in a while, whether it’s a fancy latte or an evening out with the girls
  • Know what to prioritize, including meal planning: as a single person, sometimes you need a night off from cooking, and with Dr. Oetker’s Ultra Thin Crust Pizzas you don’t have to compromise on quality
  • When in doubt, add in some greens – salads and veggies are my go-to pairings that are easy to include with dinner but come together quick

My Go-To Tips to Living & Eating Well!

Speaking of nights off from cooking, I’m seriously in love with Dr. Oetker’s Ultra Thin Crust Pizzas. There are a variety of flavours and toppings to enjoy as a special treat no matter what’s taking up your time – I especially love the Chicken and Roasted Red Pepper but they are launching a new Kale, Bacon and Ricotta version that is absolutely to die for!

I love how thin the crust is and the unique combo of toppings makes every pizza delicious, but also a light and satisfying dinner. They’re my go-to before a night out on the town, but they’re also top of mind when I want to have a night in to myself.

My Go-To Tips to Living & Eating Well!

What are some of your favourite ways to treat yourself? Let Dr. Oetker and I know on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or in the comments!

My Go-To Tips to Living & Eating Well!

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