Getting Back in Shape with CLIF Bars

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This post is sponsored by CLIF Bar and I have been compensated for my participation in this campaign. Thank you for supporting the brands that help keep The Girl on Bloor up and running!

Okay, so I’ve got some pretty cool news: I’ve lost eight pounds since March! I really don’t mean to brag, and I know that weight loss is not necessarily the equivalent of health and wellness, but I’m pretty proud of myself. It’s very difficult to get into a good routine of exercising and eating well, especially as a food blogger. I mean, my job is to basically make and photograph food all day long, and when I’m not doing that, I’m either out reviewing restaurants, or I’m sitting on my butt in front of a computer. The life. Am I right??

Given that it’s easy for me (or anyone for that matter!) to fall into the trap of indulging a bit too often, or not getting enough exercise, I’m really happy that I have managed to achieve some tangible sign of progress.?And you know what? Now that I’ve been focusing my recipe development on more healthy, wholesome options and I’m eating better, I feel like I have so much more energy to do the things I love!


Naturally, since we’ve talking about eating healthy, I want to say that CLIF Bars really save me after a workout. Seriously – before they were even a sponsor of mine, I packed these in my lunch everyday when I worked as a lifeguard. They were the perfect snack in between gruelling shifts in the sun where I was often very active and on my feet all day. I love that CLIF Bars have about 10g of protein to keep you full for a long time, and they’re made with 70% organic ingredients like rolled oats, dried fruit, nuts and seeds. They’re an energy bar that I always keep in stock at home – they definitely come in handy for my busy routine!

Since my university years, I’ve been an active person. I’ve grown to love running, especially outdoors in the summer, and I’ve been really dedicated in going to the gym. However recently, I’ve really needed to add some different activities to my workout regimen. It’s so easy to get bored, so you almost kind of have to incorporate some adventure into your routine. I’ve started practicing yoga, which is wayyyyy more intense than you’d think, and now that I’ve temporarily moved home to Hamilton I’m in love with the gorgeous trails right near my house – I’m all about hiking right now, and biking.

In celebration of summer starting soon and getting in shape during one of the best times of the year in Canada, I wanted to share how I’m getting active and re-fueling after my super intense workouts. Here’s to keeping our energy levels up and getting fit this season!




Also, can we just interrupt this stream of photos to talk about my hair?! One thing I do not like about getting back in shape is the craziness that my hair becomes the second I start sweating! Please tell me you’ve been there!!!?






What are your fitness goals for this summer? What are some of your favourite after-workout snacks? I’d love to hear what your routines are on InstagramTwitter or Facebook!

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