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Let me just start this post by saying I have been busier this summer than ever before!!! I mean holyyyyyy. I was just looking at my camera roll trying to find some photos to share from the past two weeks and I’m having a hard time picking just a few – there are so many. Remind me to clean out my phone, ‘kay? The past two weekends in particular I’ve been go-go-go, from a bachelorette and then a dinner in Toronto to a last minute trip to Kitchener and Port Dover! Have you gone anywhere exciting this summer?

This past weekend was also a holiday weekend here in Canada, and let me tell you, I needed the break!!! I had the flu last week which TOTALLY set me back with client work and photoshoots, and not that I’m complaining about having too much work or anything but…I HAVE TOO MUCH WORK. 😀

It also just so happened to be my birthday yesterday, so I spent the day relaxing out on the back deck with a coffee, sans phone, then took an impromptu trip to Lake Erie with my parents for a strawberry daiquiri overlooking the beach. And as if that wasn’t enough, I came home to have a little board games night along with some steak and scallops with my family! SO much fun. It’s the simple things in life that are the best sometimes <3.

Anyway, it was an absolutely fabulous day full of good food and good company! And since my birthday always falls on a holiday weekend, I have two more birthday celebrations coming up with some good friends who couldn’t celebrate with me on the actual day. Doesn’t look like things are quieting down anytime soon over here! 🙂

I mentioned how grateful I feel in my Treatzza Pizza recipe post to have such great friends and family – since I’ve moved home everyone has made more than an effort than ever to stay in touch and I’ve had a blast the past few months. It’s weird but last year I was basically working full time and in school full time and I felt like I was just constantly working with no breaks whatsoever. I was overtired, I had no time or money for the occasional outing and I just felt depressed like I wasn’t really doing what I wanted in life.

The sad part? I thought that I had simply reached the stage of adulthood and confused my frustration and sadness for responsibility! I thought it was my new normal – how crazy is that?! I was living in this super expensive condo in Toronto trying to pay the tuition for my Master’s program and fighting this hopeless fight to stay downtown, but I began to feel so isolated and lonely because I was just working to live and support myself all while trying to build this blog as a business.

I felt so alone and horrible at the time so thinking back to a year ago and thinking of how much happier I am now, there’s really no comparison. I feel so lucky to have been able to get back this happiness that I haven’t experienced in years, and it’s all been thanks to the love and support of others! Being back in my childhood home at 25 was definitely not what I had planned for, but it’s very temporary and I’m honestly enjoying the constant companionship of my family, as well as the ability to save and pay off my student loans, and the freedom to grow my business while I still can!

If 24 was the year of challenges, rewards and change, then 25 is definitely going to be the year of happiness, passion and success – I can feel it. Rather than having a quarter life crisis like so many other millennials my age, I’d like to think I’m experiencing this quarter life vibrancy and I just have faith that good things are still to come! We’ll see what happens though! 😉 Hope you all got to enjoy the great weather as much as I did this weekend!


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    Chelsea @ Chelsea's Healthy Kitchen
    August 3, 2016 at 20:31

    I can totally relate! Any time I find myself not getting enough social interaction with friends, I get so bummed and down in the dumps. It feels way better to be busy with work and play, even if it starts feeling a bit overly busy.

    Happy belated birthday!

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