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Hi everyone!!! How has summer been treating you so far? I’m writing a sort of new series here on the ole’ blog, thinking it’s about time I start opening up a bit more about myself, and hoping to get to know you all a bit better too! Consider this a safe space to talk all things food trends, ask me questions, share your summer vacation plans, etc. I would absolutely LOVE to hear what you’ve been up to!

My life has changed sooooo much over the past few months. When I moved home to Hamilton to live with my parents back in March so I could start saving to pay off my students loans, I was a bit sad. However, it’s been six months now and I couldn’t be happier. It’s looking like I will be able to pay off my debt in full by December, and I’m now working full-time from home freelancing and blogging! I even get to work in an outdoor office when it’s nice out. I couldn’t ask for more – this summer is seriously sweet.

The past couple weekends I’ve even managed to get out and visit Toronto, staying with friends and then in a hotel last weekend!! I just started a budget journal actually because I am spending a bit more on entertainment than I’m used to and want to make sure I’m not wasting my money while living at home. My girl Jessica Moorhouse actually has this crazy simple budget template that has been working out quite nicely for me. I seriously recommend you check it out if you’re looking to start managing your finances better.

I think I’ve also felt weird living at home because of how much easier my life has become in certain ways. It feel so “un-adult” of me to not be paying rent or spending like $500 a month on groceries (I’m a food blogger, I eat a lot okay!!) Toronto Life recently profiled this 31 year old living at home with his parents spending all his money on “experiences”…needless to say I don’t want to take advantage of my parents and become that guy. There’s just something about this article that really resonated with me (in fact, it made me quite pissed off) because I feel like even though some people in my generation can be so entitled and directionless, I also feel like most of us are making the best of a bad economic situation. This article is not at all representative of that drive for independence and the need we have to make choices about the future.

If you’ve read any of my recent income reports (here’s one, two and three), then you’ll know that I’m only making on average about $2000 a month. I mean, I think it’s pretty great for blog income, but it sure isn’t quite enough to pay any bills. That’s why I’m living and working out of my parents’ home for the next year. I figured out that after paying rent, groceries, transportation, etc. with a full-time job, I would probably be netting even less than $2000 a month living on my own. And my school loan would NEVER get paid off. And I honestly don’t know that I would be happy working for someone other than myself, though I know I may have to do it in the future. I think many of us millennials are in a similar boat such as myself: we’re just trying to get by, save a bit and work hard on our passions!

Anyways, enough serious talk for the time being. Here are some delicious food links that I want to share with you as we continue to kickstart the week. Oh, and check out some more of my photos from the past couple of fun weeks!











Huevos Rancheros Tortilla Breakfast Cups – rancheros is my go-to brunch order; these just step it up!

The Best Ways to Preserve Basil – perfect for that big ass pot of basil I’ve got going out in the garden!

DIY Citronella Candles – I totally need these for out on the back deck right now.

11 Ways to Upgrade Your Lemonade – because it’s the drink of summer!

Coconut Cream Pie – one of my favourite desserts…but no one ever makes it for me!

Breakfast Grilled Cheese – because I can’t get enough of breakfast

Frozen Dark Chocolate Banana Pops – a healthier summer treat!

Peach Champagne Spritzer – for happy hour…duh!

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