You Can Now Eat Fresh AND Local at SUBWAY® Restaurants!

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of SUBWAY® Restaurants. All opinions are 100% mine; thank you for supporting the brands that help keep my blog up and running! 

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Are you a SUBWAY® Restaurants fan?! If you eat there just about every week for lunch like I do (no judgment okay?), then you’ll be excited to learn that they have partnered with Burnac Produce to bring locally grown veggies to Ontario’s 1300 SUBWAY® locations!

Now that’s a TON of veggies.

If you know anything about me, then you’ll know that I’m a huge supporter of eating locally grown produce and using locally sourced ingredients in my recipes. Not only is it a super fun way to get out and explore your area, but it’s also a great way to support local, specialty industries and promote job growth.

Since I temporarily moved to Hamilton from Toronto, I’ve been so lucky to eat a lot of local food purchased from nearby farmer’s markets, small food businesses, orchards, poultry and egg farmers. And again, if you know me at all, then you’ll know that most of that local food has definitely been fruit and veg! I’m practically a herbivore over here. 😉

While I am totally down for the occasional road trip to go get something to eat, sometimes I want something convenient, delicious and quick to eat without having to go too far from home. But sometimes this also conflicts with the kinds of businesses I like to support.

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It’s become increasingly important to me that what I eat is as close to the source as possible – my day job is basically cooking and eating all day, and what would I be if it weren’t for the many amazing farmers out there? Part of reconciling my work and personal life is doing my part to support growth and sustainability in the farming industry. This means buying more local produce and ingredients for my recipes, as well as incorporating more of them into my everyday diet.

When you buy local, you’ll soon come to realize that not only is your produce fresher this way, but it also helps to provide jobs in the area like I hinted at before. This in turn helps Ontario’s economy, and it also helps the environment! When you don’t have to transport food, you can more efficiently enjoy nature’s bounty while helping to reduce emissions, which in turn is environmentally responsible.

I mean, it can be hard to think about the ways in which your little everyday choices add up to positively affect so many different things in our world.

But you just want a delicious sandwich, right?

Well, lucky for you, SUBWAY® Restaurants is making the responsible, caring choice easy by partnering with Burnac produce to bring you fresh, local veggies from Ontario. When you ask for tomatoes, cucumbers and green peppers on your sub, you’ll be happy to know that they will be sourced from local farms across Ontario!

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You can stop feeling guilty about getting your quick lunch fix because you can now get something to eat on-the-go while supporting local food businesses at the same time. And because SUBWAY® also offers locally owned and operated franchises, the company is able to support communities across Ontario even more than before. Now you can enjoy your favourite subs while doing your part for the environment and your local community – pretty mind-blowing right?

Okay, so what are you waiting for?! Run to SUBWAY® (in the meantime, find a store, or view their nutrition info) – I’ll probably end up seeing you there!

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